Hair Styles

Hair styles and trends continue to evolve, year after year. New trends are always appearing, whilst old ones are looping around, from one decade to another. In 2017, a large range of hairstyles are already appearing to be the trend and it can already be seen that this year is going to be the year for hair! As hairdressers, it is important for us to know exactly what the trends may be, so that when they emerge, we are ready, with the skill and knowledge to achieve the results each client desires. A few trends that we believe will become particularly popular this year include:

Super Sleek

Hair that is parted down the centre and is long, sleek and shiny. It is important that hair looks healthy and well looked after. To achieve a result like this, for those who have curly hair, permanent straightening may be the answer. Otherwise, it is up to your trusted hair straighteners, such as an Evy straightener, to keep your hair straight and sleek.

Slick and shiny: ‘The wet look’

From Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner to Shay Mitchell, the ‘wet look,’ as many are calling it, has been spotted all throughout New York Fashion week. Although it may not be an everyday look, it is most certainly suitable for those nights out, or a special event, where you want to look sleek and glamorous, but still maintain a casual ambiance.

 Contour Colouring

We all know that contouring by use of makeup has been the trend for years now, but coming into the spotlight in 2017 is contour colouring. The Art of colouring your hair to flatter your face shape. When applying makeup, we know that dark colours can make an area appear smaller, whilst light shades can open an area up. This same concept can be applied to the face, via hair colouring. If you are interested in this trend, the team at Gabriel K would be happy to assist in explaining it further.